Cat Vinton

Cat is an award-winning adventure and ethnographic photographer. She photographs ways of life, working on adventurous projects for NGOs, social entrepreneurs, responsible businesses and on expeditions.

cat-new-sharpCat’s curiosity for human nature and her adventurous spirit have seen her explore the landscapes, seascapes and people that have so far escaped the long reach of today’s world: from the mountains to the ocean, across the deserts and the tundra, with some of the last true nomads of the world. In addition to the Illuminate projects documented on this site, Cat’s Nomadic Souls Project has taken her to the frozen Himalaya, in search of the Chang Tang-Pa, the Tibetan nomads, refugees in the Indian Himalaya. She has followed the remote, isolated yak caravans of the Dolpo-Pa, the salt traders of the Himalaya, through high passes in the heavy snowfall of winter months. She has lived with a nomadic family in the South Gobi desert and spent months with the elusive Moken, in their last years of nomadic life on the Andaman Sea.

Cat is passionate about sharing stories. On every project she completely immerses herself in the way of life, as one of them, allowing her to develop a strong and empathic connection with the people. This intimacy allows her to capture the human stories, their spirit and the fragile connection between people and land. It has led to some rare and remarkable explorations, encounters and lifelong friendships. Her sensitivity paves the way for authentic and compelling eye-level stories, otherwise hidden to the outside world.

Behind the scenes…

I have dedicated over a decade to photographing ways of life, human stories, adventurous and environmental stories with complete integrity. I love what I do. I am in search of the World’s remaining nomadic souls. You can view my full portfolio of nomadic images here.