SLOW LIFE Symposium

The SLOW LIFE Symposium is an annual convening of sustainability champions. World-class scientists, business leaders, cultural ambassadors, philanthropists and environmentalists gather to share insights, ideas and projects for collaboration.

Sink or Swim

More than 1 million tourists visit the Maldives each year, travelling thousands of miles to enjoy pristine beaches and world class diving. Yet despite living in an island nation, many Maldivian children have never witnessed the wonder of their own coral reefs.

Myanmar Stoves Campaign

Indoor cooking on inefficient stoves is a silent killer in developing countries such as Myanmar. Globally, air pollution from domestic cooking is responsible for the premature deaths of 4 million people a year, more than HIV/Aids and malaria combined.

The Last Of The Sea Nomads

The Moken have journeyed through the Andaman Sea for millennia. They travel lightly on land and sea, taking only what they need and leaving no trace. Yet their way of life is jeopardised by aggressive assimilation policies that threaten their freedom and culture.

Jason deCaires Taylor

Using the ocean as an exhibition space, British artist Jason deCaires Taylor has created an underwater museum off the coast of Lanzarote, comprising life-size concrete figures depicting the horrors of the refugee crisis to selfie-taking tourists, sculpture that will transform over time into a thriving marine ecosystem.


OXSRAD is an integrated sports facility in Oxford, offering a lifeline to users with disabilities or going through rehabilitation. It is the only centre in the UK where everything from the gym to the trapeze class is offered to mixed ability users.